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Be transparent through videos about your brand in your online shop

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For more transparency in
E-Commerce to make responsibility easy for everyday people

Your ideas deserve to be seen

We know how much thought and consideration you put into your product designs. Share your creative process and who is involved in the production of your products with your customers.

Videos give you unlimited freedom to express yourself. Your videos make your brand transparent and authentic and help your customers decide to buy from you.

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Your video-based Online-Shop

Videos create transparency, and transparency creates trust: Talk about your impact on nature, show who is involved in the product creation, explain the manufacturing process and demonstrate your product in action.

96% of customers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online - we built our whole shopping experience around them so that you can tell your story and convince your customers.

  • Express yourself and represent your brand
  • Show how your product is made
  • Show how to use your product
  • Create trust through transparency

Explore our customer's Airshops

Meet our customers and find out how other brands use videos to present themselves.

Quotes for reviewDaniel from Airshop
"We believe that creative minds make the world colorful. Therefore we want to provide the best tools so they can share their ideas with the world"
Daniel Schönbohm — Co-Founder
Maker crafting a skateboard for his online shop

Meet Alex from Honest Boards

Alex builds nice skateboards. In his videos, he visits skate parks with his customers and explains how his boards perform and gives tips for tricks. And in his videos, he shows his workshop and how he creates his boards.

View Alex' Shop
Woman crafting creative ceramics for her e-commerce

Meet Sabine from Keramikatelier Sabine

Sabine sells her hand made ceramics. In her Airshop video she explains what's important when creating your own ceramics and makes some new tea cups together with her customers. Her customers can buy her products like plates, cups and more directly while their watching.

View Sabine's Shop
Man cutting aluminium pipes in his online shop

Meet Wilfried from Umbratec

Umbratec developed the sunscreen Juun25, the next evolution of pleated blinds. Their Airshop shows how their product works, so that their customers can understand all of its peculiarities, despite of its novelty. With Airshop's product builder, their customers can configure their very personal sunscreen, matching to their own taste.

View Umbratec's Shop
Woman enjoying a coffee while creating her online shop
ohne VORKENNTNISSE intuitiv bedienbar

We have all the tools an Online-Shop needs


Flexible Promotion Codes

Create promotion codes with fixed or percentage discounts, determine expiry date, quantity and minimum order value and offer refunds for shipping costs. Promotion codes help you to pursue various marketing strategies and motivate your customers to buy from you.

Automated Invoice Management

Invoices are generated automatically and are sent to your customers along with an order confirmation. You can also browse through all your invoices and download them to your computer, and if needed, you can create cancellation invoices with a single click.

Familiar right from the start

Airshop makes creating and maintaining your shop super easy. Videos give you total freedom for your branding. As soon as you recorded your video, it only takes a few minutes to get your product online.

Your own Rules

You determine your delivery terms, terms and conditions (AGB) and your rights of withdrawal.

Also usable with Kleinunternehmer-Regelung (Germany only)

You can decide to show VAT separately, or optionally not show it at all as a separate position on your invoices. This means you can use Airshop even if you are subject to the Kleinunternehmer-Regelung in Germany.

Automated Order and Delivery Confirmations

Order confirmation and delivery confirmation mails are sent automatically to your customers. Moreover, a feedback mail is sent to your customers one week the order was dispatched, so that they can rate your product and tell you how satisfied they are with one click.

Integrated Payment Processing

Your customers can use SEPA-direct-debit, giropay, Klarna sofortüberweisung or debit / credit card as payment option. All these transfers are executed by PayPal. In addition, we offer payment in advance for which you don't pay any transaction fees for the payment processing.

Customers don't need an account to buy

Your customers can shop from your Airshop without creating an account. Everyone who visits your shop can buy anytime without registration with just two clicks.

The simple but powerful Product Builder

Everything that can be photographed can be added to the product builder, such as type, colors or material. Numerical measures such as size, height and width are also supported

Intuitive Upselling

Add additional products to the product builder like matching frames to a set of pictures

Tailored to your needs

Simple pricing

We offer transparent pricing without hidden costs, and discounts if your monthly revenue exceeds 10K

For enthusiasts

Individuals, organisations and companies with less then € 10K revenue per month. Plus VAT.
100% of Airshop Included:
  • No upfront costs
  • Only pay when you make revenue
  • Video-Shop
  • Product Builder
  • All features mentioned here

For even more enthusiastic enthusiasts

Individuals, organisations and companies with more then € 10K revenue per month. Plus VAT.
fixed monthly fee
What's Included:
  • Fixed price per month
  • Video-Shop
  • Product Builder
  • All features mentioned here
Laptop used to access Airshop Online Shop

Join Airshop now

After you type in your mail address below we will set up an appointment with you for a free 30 minute workshop where we find out together how you can use Airshop most effectively. If you are convinced, we set up your Account for free and show you how to maintain your Airshop. Type in your mail, we'll catch up with you soon!

Answers to

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do videos support brands?

Videos make the entire production process transparent and comprehensible by informing about manufacturers, materials and usage. Videos give you the freedom to present your own style and brand in creative, unconventional ways, helping you highlight your brand's unique features.

I've never made a video before! How can I start?

No problem. We already made plenty of tests to figure out how to easily create interesting videos: All you need is your smartphone to record videos. When you don't know how to cut and compose the clips you've made please contact us and we support you. For now, try the App InShot. It is free and you can create stunning videos. It also has a nice library full of license-free music that you can use to give your video the vibe you want.

How can videos increase sales?

By showing how your product is created, you increase the transparency of your brand. It help you strengthen customer loyalty and to appear authentic. In summary, videos increase your customers' trust, which is why they'll choose your product over the competition.

If your still not convinced: A study by Animoto found that 58% of customers think a brand that shows videos is more trustworthy, and 77% of customers think the brand is more customer-friendly. In addition, nearly four-thirds of store visitors are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video about it.

What can I show in my videos?

Airshop visitors are curious. Show them what's behind your products: How are they produced? Who is involved? Where do your materials come from? Try to give a deep insight into your production in multiple videos with a max length of 60 seconds and explain what is behind your product.

Are there any guidelines for the content of my videos?

We do not allow offensive, provocative, pornographic or similar content. Other than that, we would love to see you create content that matches you and your brand and we further support content that creates transparency. If you're unsure about how your content you can ask us anytime.

Can I design my own online store?

Yes and no. Yes, because you decide what you show in your videos. No, because Airshop has no customisable widgets or templates (you won't need them anymore because videos can convey so much more branding).

What exactly do I need to do to get my store online?

After you have contacted us, we will set up your store for free - you just need a PayPal Business account. For your store, we will need product images, prices and one or two videos from you. We are happy to support you with advice on the creation of your video, so that your Airshop is immediately well received.

What payment options are available to my customers?

SEPA Lastschrift, giropay, Sofort Überweisung, Prepayment or debit / credit card are available as payment options. All transactions are deposited directly to your PayPal Business account. For Prepayment no PayPal account is required because customers pay to your bank account directly.

How do I receive my revenue?

All transactions are deposited directly to your PayPal Business account. Prepayment is also supported with no transaction costs included. For Prepayment no PayPal account is required because customers pay to your bank account directly.

How much will Airshop cost me?

You pay a fee of 5% of your revenue. If your revenue exceeds 10.000€ please talk to us and we determine a fixed monthly fee  together. Not included in our prices are VAT and separate transaction fees that are issued by our payment providers, such as PayPal.

Does it make sense for me to use Airshop?

If you care about communicating your product, your brand and its values, there are many reasons to use Airshop. If you do not really care about the product you sell Airshop is not for you.

We make Airshop the tool to sell for creative people

We believe that the "unconventonal-ists", the "question-all-ers", the "hands-on-doers", the "just-create-it people" shape the character of our world. We want to support you to create a sustainable business where you can express yourself freely. Videos seem just like the perfect format for this, and we are keen to see what your creative brains come up with.

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